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An Unstoppable Flow (Pun Intended).

What a month! So, despite living oh-so-far away from Southampton nowadays ( sniff, sniff ), I'm pleased to say that the campaign is still out in full-force. Our Facebook page is now just shy of 500 likes, and my group of volunteers is growing steadily each week. As for some of our biggest news and updates, take a look at these: 1. Southampton Bloggers' Brunch donated 40+ packs to The Art House! Brilliant local blogging community, Southampton Bloggers ( @sotonblogger s) held a glorious brunch for its members on 3 June, and asked all attendees to bring along at least one item for The Homeless Period campaign. The result? Over forty packs of period products were left at The Art House Cafe in Southampton's Cultural Quarter! Thank you to everyone who donated! 2. Our volunteer, Rachel, has been busy emptying our donation boxes... and what did she find? After spilling tampons all over her kitchen side like a true #PeriodHero, Rachel discovered that this month alone we

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